Siva Om Retreat – Prihtvi

“Who am I?” – ‘I’ am not the five elements, nor the sense-organs, nor the mind, nor the intelligence, nor the ego. I am beyond all these cosmic principles. I am pure consciousness – “Upanishads (ancient scriptures)”

At the Prihtvi Yoga Retreat we will dive into the most ancient philosophical and spiritual systems of the world originating in India. We will take up a brief study of Vedanta philosophy in addition to the yogic practices, which will open the doors to self realisation.

Our Retreat includes the following:
Morning Asana, Meditation and Pranayama classes with Siddhartha Shiv Khanna (New Delhi, India)
Evening Ancient Indian Philosophy teaching and Meditation with Siddhartha.
Guided excursion with cleansing ceremony to “Drymos Waterfall”.
Vegeterian Breakfast and dinner meals included.
Accommodation in single/double room.

The Hotel Orama (Vision Hotel) is situated 164 km north of Athens easily accessible by car or public transportation. With a beautiful garden full of trees and only 300 meters from Psaropouli beach, which stretches for 5km!

Have an enlightened stay !

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