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The basic principle behind this is, that whatever arises from the primordial universal source (Bhagawan Shiv ji and Mata Adi Shakti), must go back into them, only to be re-born again. Through this, they might understand their own true nature. This Divya Leela (divine play) originates from their cosmic mind. Within this Cosmic Mind we all originate, exist and share a universal consciousness aimed at facilitating the functioning of the universe to achieve the objective set forth by the Cosmic Mind. We will try to perceive ourselves as micro aspects of the universe which originate from the Cosmic Mind by understanding our own nature in relative comparison to nature around us, we call it the 108 principle, i.e: from an individual human (1) we enter nothingness (0) and from there we achieve infinity (8).

The retreat is open to all levels, we will try to put forth the teachings in such a manner that you will remain connected to The Cosmic Mind even when you return to your regular life. We will teach you how to start connecting your mind with The Cosmic Mind through various secret techniques passed only in the ancient traditions of India. This will be undertaken through various theoretical and practical methodologies creating an opportunity to explore the infinity and divinity which exists within yourself. We encourage and invite men and women of all ages, students as well as teachers wishing to deepen their practice and to take it to the next level.​​