siddhartha shiv khanna

Siddhartha Shiv Khanna (Yoga guru from India)

“One day I left my job to start a journey across the holy places of India in search of the real meaning of life. After submerging myself in Gyan Yoga (Yoga of knowledge), I met Samara Kamui Bodhisatva. He initiated me to meditation and taught me many important techniques. After I studied and practiced Hatha yoga under the guidance of Shri Yogi Anoop ji., my life completely changed on a physical and spiritual level. I became balanced, stable and closer to self realization. Then I felt that I could do the same for others. Now my life mission is to heal others and help them find peace and reach the ultimate state of bliss where the mind is always in perfect harmony and stillness.”

“Yoga is a holistic spiritual journey first to the universe inside of you and then to the universe outside of you.  There are hundreds if not thousands of human benefits of yoga. It provides you a new outlook at life, it gives you opportunity to live to the fullest and be your real self without getting bothered about what others feel or think of you, but the main aim of yoga is self realization leading to enlightenment leading to moksh, the liberation from the cycle of birth and re-birth”.